Survive and Conquer

Session 1 * 5-14-11 * The Plot Thickens

When worlds collide - Gamma Happens.

Session one:

Members of the party – The Players:

Xane – Played by Trevor.
Zane is a Hypercog – Speedster, he has been in Colmans Landing for a couple of weeks. He was expelled from his last township for… well something that may or may not have involved Chickens… those that know him would say he was a bit ‘Twitchy’.

Archemedes – Played by Melissa.
Atchemedies is a Hawkoid – Empath, She grew up with influenced heavily by the traditions of her people. She is on a spirit quest. She has not been in Colmans Landing for very long.

Allan Montalban – Played by Dave.
Allen an Electrokinetic – Mind Coercer, who grew up in Colmans Landing. He is young and seeking to establish his worth to the community at large.

GubGib – Played by Kelly.
Gubgib is a Cockroach – Giant, who evolved in the near by junk yard of Colmans Landing – though he started life as grub, not far from town, only recently has he revealed himself to the denizens of Comans Landing.

The Village the characters find themselves at is called:
Colmans Landing:

Colemans landing

The Story so Far:

All of the players have motivation to prove themselves to be trustworthy, to their fellow Villagers.

In the case of Archemedes, who is on a spirit quest, she most likely seeks to ‘know’. For Xane, who was recently exiled, trust of a community may be very important, who knows what may have followed him from his former residence… For Gubgib and Allen, who have spent most if not all of their life’s here in Colmans Landing, the desire to become a productive citizen comes naturally.

It wasn’t long before the party found themselves in front of the Mayor’s wife. Jenny May McFarlan who reminded them that the normal quest to bring back life giving waters to the village, as a right of passage, had taken on new importance what with the river having run dry again as it was want to do this time of year.

She hoped that news of a successful water gathering trip would improve the mood of the Mayor, Rakam McFarlan, who was in dire straights, and not doing well at all. As the meeting concluded, a loud Bang sounded at the near by Wall. It looked like a Sentry bot took a pot shot at the village, and then keeled over dead. The bot was placed in the junk yard with others of it’s kind, as this had been going on for quite some time – though this was the first one to actually ‘shoot’ anything.. most just bumped around until they keeled over.

On the short walk across town, the party met Mara Janair (after one look at her picture, she was instantly Dubbed “Mystique with to many Clothes on.” Mara introduced herself as the local Ruin Raider, being that she was too busy gleaning all the information that she could from the local Tavern goers, she asked the party if they would take a look at the robot disturbance for her as the nuisance, had just turned hostile, it wasn’t something that could really be ignored any longer. She promised them a piece of Omega Tech if they would complete her task before going on their quest for Water – assuring the party members that there was plenty of water in stores for another couple of weeks.

With the choices of ‘what to do first’ weighing on the minds of the party – they entered the tavern where they met Dillon and Sylinda. Dillon ran the local tavern and was a trader of sorts, keeping a small stock of stores which he offered to trade with the party members.

Xane took Dillon up on his offer, and received Cofee Beans and information as well as some good will from Dillon for an inflateable kiddy pool that he’d been dragging along. The fact that ’Caffiene’is probably the last thing that a Pre-Cog Speedster needs never really came to bare on the transaction.

Dillon was more than willing to spill the beans so to speak, after such a great score. His Lady, Sylinda couldn’t wait to use the pool and was willing to just ‘lay out’ near it, till there was enough water to fill it.

Some of the useful information that Dillon passed along, was the fact that now that the mayor was Ill, and like to die at any moment. The Seekers and the Restorationists were at each other’s throats. James Evans Liaison for the Seekers, was bound and determine to make it work in Colmans Landing and wanted nothing to do with any high tech advances. Jab McPherson on the other hand, who in spite of his obvious Mutant heritage worked for the Restorationists, insisted that this was the time that re-locating, or advancing the village via Technology would do the most good.

Dillon, even alluded to the fact that perhaps one of the two had been instrumental in the mayors current state of Illness as the Mayor had done a great job of keeping the two sides mollified previous to his Illness.

With information overload, and plot hooks coming at the party faster than Xane on Coffee beans, the group decided to check into the robots in the junk yard. They found markings that read “StupindiCo Security”.

Back Tracking the robot, a bout a Days hike to the north, they came across another robot exiting what looked to be an underground structure of some sort. Upon confronting the droid, it pretty much Exploded with out much of a fight. However, this DID get the attention of a couple of Badder guards and two Porker Marauders. There wasn’t much Dialog as the Badder charged to confront the Party. The battle was swift and ended in the sound defeat of the guards out side of the subterranean edifice that they were protecting.

And that Concluded Adventure 1 of ‘Survive and Conquer’.



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