Mara Janair

The local 'Ruin Raider' Rep. if you want a Job, she probably has something for you to do.


Mara  mystque  janair


Mara janair


Mara Janair: the Local Ruin Raider – Job’s for hire. Beautiful and Blue, she has been nick named ‘Mystique with to many cloths’ by the players.

She spends time at her home in Colemans Landing preferring to hire out work than to do it herself, surprisingly she has been quite effective in her Efforts and has progressed rapidly through the ranks of the Ruin Raiders, holding a well respected place among her peers.

Though much of what she gets done is through the Efforts of others, those that work for her, seldom complain, as they are well rewarded, and most times, well informed regarding the tasks before them.

When push comes to shove, Mara is no Slouch, she picks up the pieces where the hired help drops them, and makes sure that the job gets done.

Mara Janair

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