Information will be added to this page, as the characters uncover it… I will try to keep this page filled with what a normal character would know – and what the characters in the game would have learned. The Links how ever will have the full information regarding the Alliance’s available… if the players decide to read this, they will need to keep in mind what they know about the faction, vs what their character knows.

No ‘specific’ plot information should be given away in the links, as the information listed, will be something that anyone in the world would be able to eventually find out about each of the factions.

This front page, will keep information that the Characters would know here for easy reference. I’ll try to keep anything that may be considered a spoiler off of this page – the links however, some (Trevor I’m looking at you,) may consider ‘spoiler’ info.)

For Example Being that the Seekers, and the Restorationists, are active in the community, the characters would know a bit more about their goals and ambitions, why there is more information about them on this page as compared to say ‘the brother hood of thought’ which doesn’t have much information… I’m not even sure if I list them below heh.



Some of the important Cryptic Alliances or Factions that are associated with this adventure are:

Ruin Raiders: (Life is Simple. Kill the Monsters, Take their stuff.)

Ruin Raiders do not run towns or fill entire
communities. They are elite bands of adventurers
and explorers who view their calling as similar to
that of a knightly order.


“If we can’t do it ourselves, it shouldn’t get done.”

Seekers are communities of farmers and
ranchers who seek to build a new world without
depending on the technology of the old. They view
technology as evil: It produces inherently flawed
devices that encourage envy, pride, sloth and
gluttony, and increase the power of greed, lust and
wrath. Seekers believe the only path to a peaceful,
safe society is one that forces all people to do their
own labor, and be satisfied with what they can
produce themselves.

Seeker communities are simple, but not
primitive. They produce the food, clothing and
materials they need to survive even harsh
environments, and have the skills necessary to
defend themselves. While they do not have
advanced weapons, Seekers are able fighters with
the tools of war they do allow themselves. Seekers
are peaceful as a rule, never starting conflicts, but
they defend their possessions, loved ones and way
of life with zealous fervor.

Seekers distinguish between acceptable tools
and banned machines with a benchmark they call
“intuitive function.” If a group of Seeker elders with
no training in advanced technology feel the way a
tool accomplishes its tasks is intuitively obvious, it
is allowed. If the source of power, method of
function or end result is not obvious and clear to
the elders, the object is declared a machine and
forbidden. Thus a serrated knife is acceptable, as it
is clear that a sharp edge penetrates wood and meat
more easily, but a chainsaw is not as it’s not obvious
where the power to spin the chain comes from.

Steel Foes: (Seek to Destroy Tech.)


The Restorationists firmly believe that if
that technology could be rebuilt and controlled, it
could rebuild cities, end plagues, cleanse irradiated
lands and end the thousand other threats of the
Gamma Age. The natural corollary of this belief is
that no damage done in the quest to regain these
powers is unacceptable. Anything done now can
be fixed later, once the Restorationists have the
needed tools. The only excesses the Restorations
worry about are those that might destroy the
organization before it gains the needed

Most Restorationists are pure-strain humans,
though the organization has no official bias against
mutants or non-human bloodlines

The Archivists: (Seek to find and preserve (not use) Tech. for some day Tech will re-gain cognitive powers and rule once more.)

The Brother hood of Thought: (Pacifistic and Monk Like – seek Enlightenment)

Gears: (Traveling Eng.)

Healers: (heal)


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