Here are a few of the places where the goings on of this Campaign happen:

Colmans Landing: This is the main village population 137, all of the characters have spent some time here, some just a couple of weeks, one grew up here, and one mutated over in the junk yard near by, recently manifesting himself in all his glorious cockroach-ed-ness to the members of the village, just a couple of months ago.

The Town, used to be supplied with water by a small stream that ran through the middle of town. Though each year brings a time of drought, this year is particularly bad – The Stream shown in the map, is all dried up.

The Twisted Earth: This is a map of the ‘known’ world as it is now… it’s not entirely accurate, as sometimes flux happens, and things don’t always end up in the same place that maps might show them… but generally speaking. This is a good representation of what’s what.

Skeleton Base A military base to the south of Colmans Landing where a plentiful source of water has been found in the past… some members of the town, believe that the waters have healing properties.

Wildwood another small town, about the same size as Colmans Landing, to the south. Significant only because you would pass it on your way to Skeleton Base.


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