Significant Events

This is an attempt to quickly summarize the events of each play session – for a more detailed account, see the Adventure Log.

May 14th 2011 – Session 1

  • Determined how each character came to be in Colmans Landing
  • Met the Mayor Wife Jenny May McFarlan, who asked them to retrieve water.
  • a robot shot a rocket that impacted on the village wall, Jenny May wished some one would look into that disturbance.
  • the local Ruin Raider – Mara Janair Asked the group to investigate the Robot incursions before doing the Water Retreval task.
  • The Group found ‘StupindiCo Security’ writen on the remains of some of the robots in the junk yard.
  • At the local watering hole, Dillon spilled a plethora of tidbits of information regarding the Seekers who are led by, James Evans and the Restorationists headed up by Jab McPherson
  • The group followed the trail of the security drone along a path for a bout a day, and did combat with a drone, two badders, and two Porkers.
  • They stand in front of an entrance to an underground steading of some sort.

The Party was awarded, 250 XP ea. for the nights adventure And they Each need to draw an Omega Tech Card at the start of the next adventure.

575 for Badder Tower Defense & Shield bot
100 for interaction with the Mayors Wife
100 for interaction and negotiation with the Ruin Raider
125 for interaction and negotiation with Dillon the Bar Keep
100 for investigating the Junk Yard and discovering where the Bot’s were coming from.
1000 points devided by 4 players = 250 XP each.

Significant Events

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