• Allan Montalban

    Allan Montalban

    Played by Dave. Allen an Electrokinetic – Mind Coercer, who grew up in Colmans Landing. He is young and seeking to establish his worth to the community at large.
  • Archemedes


    Played by Melissa. Archemedes is a Hawkoid – Empath, She grew up with influenced heavily by the traditions of her people. She is on a spirit quest. She has not been in Colmans Landing for very long.
  • GubGib


    Played by Kelly. Gubgib is a Cockroach – Giant, who evolved in the near by junk yard of Colmans Landing – though he started life as grub, not far from town, only recently has he revealed himself to the denizens of Comans Landing.
  • Xane


    Played by Trevor. Zane is a Hypercog – Speedster, he has been in Colmans Landing for a couple of weeks. He was expelled from his last township for an unknown reason, but that hasnt stopped the rumors. He could be described as bit "twitchy".
  • Clint Evans

    Clint Evans

    Son of James Evans, a Seeker and an outspoken lout.
  • Dillon


    Merchant, Bar Tender, Trader - if he doesn't have, it, he can probably get it.
  • Jab McPherson

    Jab McPherson

    Representing the interests ofthe Restorationists
  • James Evans

    James Evans

    Liaison for the Seekers Belives that Technology Ruined the world, and only the most basic of tools should ever be put to use.
  • Jenny May McFarlan

    Jenny May McFarlan

    Wife of Mayor McFarlan - she has tasked the adventurers with finding life giving water for the town.
  • Mara Janair

    Mara Janair

    The local 'Ruin Raider' Rep. if you want a Job, she probably has something for you to do.
  • Rakam McFarlan

    Rakam McFarlan

    Mayor of Colmans Landing - lies Ill and Dying in his home.
  • Sylinda


    Dillons Partner and Companion - and one tuff cookie