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This campaign is based lightly off of the adventure in the back of the main book – however since that is mostly just a few ‘encounters’ with very little ‘role play’ substance – and since the group normally likes a heavy dose of ‘story telling’ sprinkled with encounters – quite a bit of ‘tweaking’ will be going on.

No swimming in gammaworld

This ‘Main Page’ will be where information that a character living in the village might know with a bit of investigating or study in some cases… if your a Player, treat the list of NPC’s like you would a monster manual – if you like to know the ‘low down’ on what’s what and who is who, feel free to peruse – I’ll try to keep specific ‘plot’ information or ‘spoilers’ separate in the ‘GM’ secret window. If you like to be surprised by who and what you meat, don’t read the NPC section. Perceptions on what one might consider a “spoiler” vary greatly, I like to think I’ll keep em to a minimum.

Either way, if you read the information here, it is expected that you’ll keep player knowledge separate from character knowledge (like I said, I’ll work on keeping most of what your character ’wouldn’t know’ out of this section.

Helpful Game Aids

here you will find player resources, like an overview of Character Creation a place for quickly generating characters, also Character Sheets and various links and other information to make playing the game go smoothly.


Significant Events:

the above page contains a summary of each Game session for a quick way to get ‘up to date’ on where the adventure is, ans to track XP awards etc.


Things and stuff:

May list special Alpha Mutations, and Omega Tech items.

Main Page

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